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    Fabric Shield™ Storm Panels

Pull-down Storm Shutters

Pull-down Shutters - Easy to Install and Use

FABRIC-SHIELD™ Pull-Down Storm Shutters are the newest product in the Fabric-Shield family. This revolutionary new product is designed to cover windows, doors and other home openings to protect against damage caused by wind, rain, and storm-driven projectiles. The patented design of this shutter utilizes an architecturally pleasing 4 square canister and quickly operates by simply pulling the fabric barrier down until it locks in the closed position. The product has been tested in accordance with the Florida Building Code and the International Building Code (#FL2753 and Texas Department of Insurance Product Evaluation #SHU-112).

The units are shipped almost fully assembled, allowing for final assembly to be done in just a few minutes, thereby saving significant labor costs. Storm shutters are perfect for second fl oor or high-rise applications. Storm Shutters are also perfect for the elderly or disabled, since it requires no lifting, tools, or assembly to deploy before a storm. The fabric panels are UV, mold, and mildew resistant, and can be used as a sunshade all year round.

Fabric Shield Pulldown Hurricane Shutters
  • Tested to stop water penetration and window leakage up to 40 psf (125 mph wind-driven rain).
  • Cover openings up to 84" x 92".
  • Two standard 6" lock pins can be installed for inside or outside openings.
  • 4" build-out systems are available for installations with protruding knobs and projected windows.
  • Bottom rail is optional and can be removed after installation for cleaner appearance.
  • Side guides can be drilled in the field for greater installation flexibility and higher design pressure requirements.
  • Curtain bar is sturdy and strong, yet has a pleasing appearance.
Documentation:  Brochure PDF    Engineering PDF    Installation PDF

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