Solar Powered Attic Fan
Turbine Retrofit Mount   Sol-AttFan-TM

2litedot.gif 1275 CFM     20 watt Monocrystalline Panel     Shipping weight 23 lbs
Retrofit Turbine Mount Solar Powered Attic Fan The Turbine Retrofit solar fan is a unit designed to fit the base assembly of any 12 wind turbine. Easy to install and using an existing roof penetration, the benefits of this retrofit are easily realized. However, there are parameters that must be considered for this installation to be affective.

Proper elevation of the fan in relation to the ridgeline of the home is crucial for optimum fan operation. If the PV panel is allowed to fall into the shadow under the ridgeline it will stop generating power. Depending on the situation of the house and the location of the vent, this could occur when the fan is needed most.

Installation Elevation Image

Figure A. Existing vent location is too low on the roof for our standard Turbine Retrofit to operate effectively.

Figure B. Shows the PV Panel slightly elevated above the ridgeline. This installation will allow for optimum performance by the fan.

If this elevated installation is untenable in the retrofit location, a Remote Panel Mount may be a good alternative.

Solar Powered Attic Fan
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