Permeable Pavement System
Permeable Paver System

This Ecological Paver System is designed to reduce storm-water run-off and promote rainwater infiltration and natural groundwater recharge. The Permeable Pavement System is engineered to support heavy axle loads for roadways and parking lots, yet it is a flexible, segmental paver system that adapts to changes in the ground and changes in the weather that crack and damage conventional pavements. Remarkable curb appeal and convenient maintenance access complete a set of benefits that make this product ecologically sound and economically smart.

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Paver Shapes
Nominal Dimensions
4-1/2" x 9" x 3-1/8"


Clear Benefits

  • Meeting EPA stormwater requirements with a superior solution.
  • Achieving significant savings through enhanced land planning.
  • Outperforming other systems in harsh climates with freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Delivering maximum strength to handle heavy vehicular traffic.
  • Producing remarkable curb appeal and convenient maintenance access.
  • Pedestrian friendly, even for wheelchairs and hi-heels. Meets ADA standards.
  • Providing outstanding results on a 30-year life-cycle cost analysis