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Eco-$mart Radiant Barrier Paint is a silver colored, non-thickness dependent, low emissivity coating that can be applied to most clean surfaces. The coating works in two ways. It is highly reflective, lowering roof skin temperatures by 20 to 50°F. It also inhibits the thermal radiation that a surface normally emits, drastically reducing heat transfer. Radiant Barrier Paint provides effective insulation whether applied to the interior or exterior of green buildings, greatly improving interior comfort levels, while reducing the load on HVAC systems, saving energy and money.

Exterior Radiant Barrier Paint is widely used by some of the world’s largest roofing companies because of its low cost and rapid payback for energy conservation. Interior Radiant Barrier Paint is specified for interior use only, to provide a low VOC alternative for attics and retrofit applications that may not allow ample ventilation during installation.

Features:  Low emissivity, high reflectivity  Permeable, does not trap moisture  Easily installed using standard painting equipment  Saves 8-12% of AC costs and improves comfort levels  Improves efficiency of existing insulation  Economical way to retrofit radiant barrier to existing structures  Easily applied to side walls and loading dock doors in metal buildings and barns  Unaffected by rodents, birds and insects  Increases interior lighting levels, lowers lighting costs  Excellent infrared reflective surface for infrared heating systems  EPA Energy Star Ally product

Classified by ASTM as Interior Radiation Control Coating Systems (IRCCS).
ASTM Designations PDF

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