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Wild-life Lighting Approved 11 Watt LED R30 Turtle Lamp - Medium Base Amber

11W R30 Amber

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Eco-$mart 11 Watt Amber Turtle Light produces a peak spectral output of 588 nanometers that falls within the optimal wave-length range for sea turtle friendly lighting (over 560 nanometers).   Fully encapsulated, 120 Volt, R30 standard medium base LED bulb directly replaces incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs with significantly fewer watts.

  • Save 70-80% energy costs when replacing incandescent lamps.
  • Long lifespan, over 50,000 hours. Little to no maintenance for 7 years.
  • Safe low heat light.
  • Environment friendly, no UV and infrared, no mercury.
  • Solid State, Vibration-resistant, Safe shipping, handling, and installation.

Applications:  The Eco-$mart Turtle light is Wildlife Lighting Approved when installed in a wildlife friendly fixture and used to meet minimal lighting standards. It has wide applications and is very suitable for low light areas and decorative lighting in:

 Landscaping    Service Stations    Clubs    Stores    Hotels    Restaurants    Gyms    Airports    Office Buildings    Factories

11 Watt Amber LED Standard base bulb
Amber Output
Amber Output
Technical Specifications:
Item: R30-11WA-Amber
Power: 11 Watts
Base: Medium E26/27
Size (inches): 3.9 x 5.9
Voltage: 120VAC
Lumens: 690
Nanometers: 588
Beam Angle: 120°
Approvals: UL Listed, FCC, Wildlife Lighting Approved
Replace Bulb: 75 Watt

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