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Active Daylighting tracks the sun throughout the day and brings daylight inside at an intensity that allows artificial lighting to be turned off. With dual thermal barriers to eliminate heat gain, the active daylighting system will not increase cooling costs. Producing diffused, natural, comfortable light, the active daylighting system will contribute to the health and productivity of people using the building.

Real energy efficiency! !tinierdiamond.gif  ELECTRIC LIGHTS OFF up to 10.5 hours/day !tinierdiamond.gif  No heat gain

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The active component of the Active Daylighting System tracks the sun from an hour after sunrise to an hour before sunset allowing the end user to turn the lights off during daylight hours. The SunTracker produces the illumination equivalent of 800 watts of fluorescent lighting, or more than a 1,000 watt metal halide lighting. Since it does not draw any line voltage, electricity costs for lighting drop to zero for an average of 10.5 hours a day.
Skylight Comparative
Product VLT¹ SHGC² U Value³ Technology
Ciralight Smart Skylights .91 .3196 .35 Active
Sun Optics (a) .65 .49 .82 Passive
Solar Tube (b) Not Rated .34 .43 Passive
Normal Skylights (Avg.) (c) .63 .55 .76 Passive
¹Visible Light Transmittance measures light that comes through a product. The higher the VLT, the more light is transmitted.
²Solar Heat Gain Coefficient measures how well a product blocks heat caused by sunlight. The lower a skylight’s solar heat gain coefficient, the less solar heat it transmits into the building.
³U-Value measures how well a product prevents heat from escaping. The lower the Uvalue, the greater a skylight’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value.
Notes: a) Source: Sunoptics 800MD Product Brochure, b) Source: National Fenestration Rating Council website, c) Source: National Fenestration Rating Council Website.
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