Torzo Sustainable Solid Surface Counters, Cabinets or Floors 
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 Formaldahyde free

 65 - 70% recycled, sustainable materials

 Contributes to LEED certification  in green building projects

Torzo Surfaces are sustainable surfaces, ideal for high wear residential and commercial applications. Manufactured using 65% or more Recycled, Sustainable Products and no formaldehyde, Torzo surfaces compliment any green building project and can contribute to LEED certification. Applications include countertops, tabletops, tiles, vanities, flooring, as well as vertical applications like cabinets, paneling and dividers. Durable, yet workable with standard wood tools.

4 different lines of sustainable hard surfaces in 4 standard colors.


Surface: Durum  Color: Cocoa
Color: Cocoa


Surface: Indure  Color: Copper
Color: Copper


Surface: Orient  Color: Onyx
Color: Onyx


Surface: Seeta  Color: Natural
Color: Natural


Surface: Tiikeri  Color: Dusk
Color: Dusk
Other colors available per line. Custom Colors Available.
Colors will vary with screen and printer configuration. See your Eco-$mart Representative for physical samples.