PLC Lighting Controllers
Applications: Offices, Schools, Gyms, Parking Lots, Aircraft Hangers

Save Energy and Money with precise control of lighting in applications ranging from Residential Exterior Lighting to Commercial Jet Hangers. Multi-functional, multi-point control is designed for flexibility to conform to your specific needs and application. Installation will generally pay for itself within 2 years.   Applications include: parking decks, restaurants, retail outlets, gas stations, shopping malls, atriums and industrial warehouses. Ensures utility savings for commercial daylighting installations.

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R-Series Bantam

Designed specifically for small buildings with up to eight lighting zones, and can be used for interior office, retail space, lobbies as well as exterior grounds, parking lots and court-yards.   More >>    Quote

C-Series LCM

Contactor-based stand-alone lighting control ideal for interior and exterior ballast-driven applications. Features optimized for specific types of interior and exterior applications including parking decks, gymnasiums and warehouses.   More >>    Quote

P-Series LP

Featuring the world’s finest, most dependable relays from Panasonic, these systems offer Full 2-Way remote lighting control for easy operation and even easier installation, using just two 24V signal wires.   More >>    Quote

MAS Sensor

The MAS is a light level sensor. The sensor is powered by 24VDC, providing a 4-20mA signal.   More >>    Quote

CES Sensor

Precisely monitor task or ambient light levels. Measured light level is converted to an analog signal that is sent to the controller.
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PD Sensor

A Class 2, low voltage light sensor designed to provide input to PLC controllers. Models are available in a wide variety of light sensing ranges and housing styles.   More >>    Quote


Light Sensors and Dimmers for Electronic Dimming Ballasts.   More >>    Quote