Commercial and Residential Water Cooled Air Conditioning

The Thermal Flow system is a water cooled air conditioning system utilizing a low maintenance cooling tower, high efficiency compressors and high efficiency expansion valve coils to provide optimum in high efficiency air conditioning systems. The Allied system features a foul resistant all copper refrigerant heat exchanger, designed for low back pressure and optimum heat exchange efficiency.

Labeled Photograph of Cooling Tower

All fiberglass, copper, and plastic, can not corrode. Self cleaning requires little maintenance.

Variable speed controlled by temperature to save water. Aluminum frame, epoxy coated, plastic blades, fractional hp. (170 watt to 250 watt)

Spray Nozzles:
All plastic, non corrosive, and non fouling.

1/6 hp. Sta-Right pump, rated for continuous duty, very efficient.

High efficiency scroll compressors; heat pump rated; scrolls and piston type high efficiency Bristol Inertia compressors.

Compressor / Pump Cabinet
Circulating pump mounted in cabinet with compressors provides freeze protection via low wattage heat tape. The compressor and pump housing is all fiberglass to match cooling tower. Sealed from all weather and moisture. Can not corrode or rust and is sealed against fire ants and dust. All high voltage electrical wiring is installed in a 14 gauge electrical box.

Compressor Protection:
Provides both low and high pressure safety switches with automatic reset feature and short cycle protection time delay. Additional protection provided by the compressor internal thermal protection.

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