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Three Zone Unit

Three Zone System

Utilizing technology normally associated with the industrial sector (evaporative condensers). Allied has perfected the ultimate in energy efficient water-cooled air conditioning. The Thermal Flow system combines the superior water-cooled condenser with the newest Scroll compressor technology, the most efficient fans and pumps available. The Thermal Flow system utilizes two refrigerants, and natures own water is used to cool the Refrigerant up to 60 degrees cooler than what is possible with an air-cooled system. By reducing the heat in the refrigerant circuit, the operating efficiency of a water-cooled unit is dramatically enhanced, providing an unparalleled efficiency advantage over conventional air-cooled units.

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The Thermal Flow system is designed and built to the highest standards, utilizing durable industrial grade components. The unique design combines function and form in a very attractive and compact unit only 54 inches tall. The system is designed to be compatible with all conventional systems. Systems can be fitted with a variable speed fan controller to conserve water. This also provides a quieter operation and lowers the fan energy required. An auto purge self-cleaning feature is included to handle the hard water in some regions. All of the components are available through the W.W.Granger parts network. Manufacturer warrants the cooling tower for fifteen years, the compressors for ten years, and the cooling tower fan and pump for three years.
Three Compressor Unit
Three Zone Compressor Box

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