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Questions about the Thermal Flow System

What is Water Cooled Air Conditioning?
     A simple, cost-effective method of cooling your home. It’s no accident that most large commercial buildings have water cooled A/C systems. The superior operating efficiency and long service life (in excess of 25 years) make water cooled units the system of choice. Homeowners can now enjoy the same benefits businesses have had for years. The only other residential water cooled units on the market are Geothermal Heat pump systems, which require an extremely high initial investment. Allied has simply taken a commercial concept that uses a water cooled evaporative condenser and redesigned it for residential applications.
     Water cooled systems have a 30% to 40% efficiency advantage over conventional air cooled systems, which has made the Thermal Flow System a popular choice for hundreds of home owners. These units can be installed at prices competitive with premium single and two speed air cooled units, and at almost one half the cost of a geothermal system. With the Thermal Flow System, builders can provide homeowners with the ultimate in energy efficient air conditioning equipment without going over budget. This decision will also provide a distinctive marketing feature: the most energy efficient cooling system available today.

How does it work?
     The same high efficiency scroll and piston type compressors used in all A/C systems are also found in our units. But, the Thermal Flow System uses a water cooled evaporative condenser to remove heat from the freon. Air cooled systems use an aluminum finned air cooled condenser to do the same job. However, with air cooled units, the efficiency of the system is directly related to the outdoor temperature.

Why is it better?
     All systems have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating which is based on an outside temperature of 82F. On a hot day (95F and up), air cooled systems rated at 12 on the SEER scale operate below 10 SEER, or, as the temperature rises, even lower. When it’s hot, your need for cooling increases, but the air cooled system loses both capacity and efficiency. The water cooled system loses neither as the temperature rises. In fact, on extremely hot days, the evaporative water cooled unit actually improves in efficiency and capacity.

Why is Thermal Flow the Best Choice?
     The Thermal Flow product line has been developed over many years, in hundreds of successful reidential and commercial installations, by a company committed to energy efficiency. Years of testing have aided in perfecting a product of unparalleled efficiency and serviceability. The Thermal Flow system addresses and overcomes the historical considerations associated with water cooled equipment. Most experienced A/C contractors and engineers will tell you that a good, serviceable water cooled system must be resistant to mineral build up, have low maintenance, and be protected from corrosion and freeze damage.
     Several variations of the Thermal Flow system are available to handle any water conditions, and to work well in any climate, including the corrosive coastal regions.

How much water does the system use?
     Very little! The system recycles the cooling water from a 10 gallon reservoir. Some water is lost through evaporation during the cooling process. Most to all of that water is replaced from the condensate removed from the house feeding back into the water reservoir (standard installation practice). Most homes experience no increase in the water bill when using these systems configured to recover the condensate water.

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