Commercial and Residential
Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Superior operating efficiency and long service life make the Thermal Flow water cooled A/C system the system of choice for most large commercial buildings. Homeowners can now enjoy the same benefits businesses have had for years. These water cooled A/C units can be installed at prices competitive with premium single and two speed air cooled units, and at almost one half the cost of a geothermal system. And the decrease of operating costs and energy consumption means these units will pay for themselves while reducing greenhouse gases and dependance on oil.

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Residential / Light Commercial Split Systems Residential Water Cooled AC
Water Cooled refrigerant condenser outside the home sends refrigerant into an air handler / evaporator coil inside the home. Straight cool and heat pump models available. Multi-compressor condensers are available, and are the most cost effective. Compressors and controls are in a separate box beside the refrigerant cooling tower.
Demand Buster Commercial Retrofit System Commercial Retrofit System
This patented retrofit technology incorporates a Thermal~Flow closed circuit, evaporative tower in a pre-engineered Thermal-Loop system that converts existing roof top air conditioners from high kW demand air-cooled condenser systems to low kW demand, Ultra-Efficient water-cooled evaporative condenser systems.
Commercial & Residential Water Source Heat Pump Systems Commercial and Residential Heat Pump Systems
Compact cooling towers outside the buildings send cool water to create lower condensing temperatures for small heat pumps inside each living unit. In cooling mode, heat rejected from dwelling into water loop can be run through domestic hot water to save water heating costs. Single cooling towers can serve multiple dwellings, while separately metering indoor heat pump energy use for accurate billing. Cooling tower uses minimal energy and maintenance, appropriate for shared central operations fees.